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Would you like to discover the wonders of Lucca with a Tourist Guide?

You are in the right place!

Belinda Marcucci - Touristic Guide LuccaHi there!

I'm Belinda and despite my name doesn't sound much italian I'm an authentic “Lucchese": what does this word mean? Well, that i was born and raised in Lucca, the amazing walled-town I'm in love with.


Tourist Guide of Lucca and its province in Italian, English and Spanish language

I worked for a very long period as travel agent and tour leader, traveling around the world both for business and leisure, a great experience which opened my mind and my soul to different cultures and traditions.

Today I'm a licensed Tour Guide of Lucca and its province for Italian, English and Spanish-speaking visitors and my aim is to show visitors how many visible and hidden works of art this special town has to offer.


I can lead you to discover not only the amazing historical centre of the town, with the well-preserved Renaissance walls, many bright churches, picturesque piazzas and imposing palaces, but also its interesting surroundings: stunning period villas with beautiful gardens, the Versilia area boasting about Viareggio and Pietrasanta (worldwide famous the first for its Carnival and the second for its marble) or the Mediavalle and Garfagnana areas with majestic medieval fortresses and much more!


Of course, not to miss to try some of our most popular products and to taste our valued wines and olive oils!


You are very welcome to Lucca and if you book me as your private tour guide I'll make sure you're going to feel a little bit “Lucchese" too at the end of our visit!



HD tours last up to 3 hours and FD tours last up to 6 hours (time for lunch excluded).
Naturally, every tour can be customized to meet specific demands.
Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact me: I will be glad to tailor, time and quote the most suitable program for you!

Privacy Policy - info@tourinwonderland.com - tel. +39 328 8246617 - C.F. MRCBND75E66E715V